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2012 Proxy Update (And What To Do If Yours Hasn’t Arrived)

By now, all active ABA members should have received a 2012 ABA proxy ballot, along with a letter from me and Board Chair, Lou Morrell. That ballot also includes the non-binding referendum on possible expansion of the ABA Area, as well as an invitation to what is shaping up to be a very interesting and [read more…]

Scenes From Mel and Jeanne’s 600th Party!

Yesterday, we had a great open mic post from Mel Goff, our volunteer librarian. In it, he recounted his recent trip with his wife, Jeanne, to Alaska.


Mel Goff, ABA's volunteer librarian, as we're used to seeing him every Wednesday

If you read Mel's post (and if you haven't, go do it!) you [read more…]

Pledge to Fledge: The Best Thing You Can Do This Weekend


School children in Wilderness, Western Cape, South Africa earlier today participating in Pledge to Fledge. Photo courtesy Keith Barnes.

It's August 24, the first day of the first Pledge to Fledge event. If you've somehow missed the buzz surrounding this event, take a look at Richard Crossley's post here from last week. [read more…]

ABA Debuts Birding News!


Since the early 1990’s at least, birders have been sharing news via e-mail subscription lists. These lists were a great way to keep up with the birding scene in a given region. But they weren’t always the most convenient things to work with, especially if you just wanted to check in on what’s [read more…]

The ABA Area in 2012—What Should Be In and What Should Be Out?


Hawaii. Attu. Saint Pierre. Which should be in the ABA Area and which, if any, should be out? Images by: SteveD./Steve Dunleavy (Hawaii); alaskanet/D. Sikes (Attu) The Tedster/Theo (Saint Pierre) all images are used under a Creative Commons license via flickr

The boundaries of the ABA area, especially whether they ought to include [read more…]

First Look: Swarovski’s New ATX Scopes & Digiscoping Accessories At Hungary’s Hortobágy


From left: Guide Attila Steiner looks on as Belgium's Gerard Driessens, England's Tim Appleton, and Sweden's Måns Karlsson field test Swarovski ATX scopes in Hungary's Hortobágy

 A little over a month ago, I was invited to represent the ABA at a pretty amazing gathering in Hungary. I say amazing in that it assembled quite [read more…]

Announcing the ABA Mid-Atlantic Young Birder Conference September 22, 2012

Hot on the heels of our just completed and very successful Camp Colorado, we’re very excited to announce the ABA’s next big opportunity for young birders: a regional conference designed to bring together young birders and their mentors from a wide area in order to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information, and [read more…]

Tour de Force, and FUN!!!: ABA’s Camp Colorado 2012


 Camper Rosemary Kramer cuts up for the camera ©Jeffrey A Gordon

What's the best work you've ever done? What gave you the greatest sense of accomplishment, of having a larger purpose, of really throwing yourself into something, yet coming away feeling renewed and energized? Work that kicked your butt yet at the same time felt [read more…]

5 Little Birds: The ABA Is Spared Damage In The Waldo Canyon Fire

Last week, I posted here about our experiences in the Waldo Canyon Wildfire that’s been burning in the mountains on the west flank of Colorado Springs since June 23rd. As I write this, it’s July 2nd and the fire is listed as 55% contained. All of us at the ABA are back in our homes [read more…]

ABA Offices and Staff Homes in Colorado Springs Still Safe Despite Waldo Canyon Fire

Dear ABA friends,

I wanted to give you a quick update on how the ABA team in Colorado Springs is faring as far as the Waldo Canyon fire. So far, the news is good. The office is about 15 blocks from the southern end of the evacuated area. Thus far, none of the staff has [read more…]