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Greg Miller’s Big Year


Thank you for helping Wildside Nature Tours, Greg Miller, and the ABA build a better future for birding.

Greg Miller, noted birder from “The Big Year” book and movie, has created a series of eleven tours for Wildside’s 2016 schedule. These birding trips, all within the lower 48 states, will give you a huge boost toward your own big year!

Greg Miller (right) on the set of “The Big Year” with Jack Black.

Greg Miller (right) on the set of “The Big Year” with Jack Black.

Greg has become an eBird guru, a master of using the information others have shared. Combining his passion for birds with his database programming knowledge, he has determined when and where to bird, to reach maximum efficiency of travel while providing the highest bird totals.

To add to the fun, Wildside has teamed with the American Birding Association (ABA) to help raise money for a great cause… young birders! We want to get more kids excited about birds and being outside! For each participant that joins a BIG YEAR SERIES tour, Wildside will make a donation to the ABA’s Young Birders program. Each participant joining a BIG YEAR SERIES tour will have the option to gather sponsors to donate toward this excellent cause, plus observers of the progress of the Big Year Tours can make a pledge — a 365-day bird-a-thon!

Greg Miller may see 500 or more species during the 11 tours. There are two ways you can donate to the ABA Young Birder program, and have some fun following Greg on his Big Year:

  1. Guess the number of species you think he will see, and donate an amount-per-species
  2. Donate a flat amount, and guess the number of species.

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