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The Long Goodbye to Green Herons, Bird of the Year 2015

Most of North America’s migratory birds have moved on to points south, piling into the Caribbean and Central and South America to wait out the next few months like they have for millennia. So it is for the Green Heron, too. Though much of the southern tier of the ABA Area will hold a few [read more…]

Two Days Left to Get Your ABA 2015 Bird of the Year T-shirt!

The time to place your order for the 2015 Bird of the Year Limited Edition T-shirt featuring the Green Heron and designed by Paul Riss and Rachel Riorden of PRBY Apparel is coming to a close. In fact, you only have until TOMORROW July 19 to place an order! So don’t delay! Get one here!

[read more…]

Cool Green Heron Pix

We at the ABA love the 2015 Bird of the Year so much, we’re giving it away for free! So to speak. For a limited time, read and enjoy John Kricher’s marvelous and informative essay, “A Biologist’s Love Affair with Butorides virescens” [free download, ABA password not required]. Kricher, who served for many years on [read more…]

Get Your Limited Edition 2015 Bird of the Year T-Shirts NOW

Its the high summer, and Green Herons across the continent are wrapping up breeding, sending their lanky, awkward, speckled youngsters out into the world. There’s not a better time of the year to find the ABA’s 2015 Bird of the Year, and you can find them just about anywhere. Including, perhaps, on your torso.

We’re [read more…]

We Want Your Green Heron Photos & Art!

Hi, all. I’ll be quick: For upcoming coverage in Birding of the 2015 Bird of the Year, we need photos and art of Green Herons doing cool stuff: fishing, flushing, defecating, anything like that.

Don’t just stand there, Do something! These Green Herons seem to have gotten the memo. Southlake, Tarrant County, Texas; August [read more…]

Bird of the Year 2015: Here Come the Green Herons

The last month has seen a steady roll of migratory birds sweeping north across the continent like the relentless rising of the tide. Warblers and tanagers and thrushes get the bulk of the attention, and maybe rightly so, for their wholesale journeys on economy-sized wings, but lest we forget, the Green Herons are coming, too. [read more…]

Announcing the 2015 ABA Bird of the Year! / ¡Presentando al ABA Ave del Año del 2015!

We bid a fond farewell to our friend the Rufous Hummingbird, and turn our eyes towards 2015’s standard bearer, a bird both beautiful and fascinating. We leave it to 2015 Bird of the Year Artist Rafael Galvez to do the honors.

For more on 2015’s Bird of the Year, see the official Bird of [read more…]

Bird of the Year 2015, Coming Soon!

The Rufous Hummingbird was a singularly appropriate Bird of the Year for 2014. A primarily western species that has made expanded into the east in recent years, it’s range expansion in many ways mirrors the move of the American Birding Association from our long-time home in Colorado to a new headquarters in Delaware City, Delaware. [read more…]

Audubon’s Little Ruff-necks

This coming spring, we will have what may be for many of us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see more than 100 of the watercolors John James Audubon prepared for his Birds of America, the original art from which the plates of that most famous of American picture books were engraved. In 1863, Lucy Audubon, impoverished [read more…]

An Early Rufous Hummingbird?

It’s a typical story, but no less moving for its familiarity: On the sudden loss of his wife, the German merchant Peter Heinrich Tesdorpf turned to his beloved birds for solace. Even in his bereavement, Tesdorpf could still find pleasure in the magic of the feathered — especially in the wondrous beauty of the [read more…]