American Birding Podcast



Introducing the 2018 Bird of the Year!

It’s that time again, to launch a year honoring a special bird. This time around we’re doing something a little different.

With Hawaii’s inclusion in the ABA Area in 2016, the state’s extraordinary native birdlife was added to the ABA Checklist, a process that was finalized in 2017. Birders in the United States and Canada, and indeed those around the world who keep an ABA list, were suddenly introduced with Akekees and Apapanes and Akohekohes, a whole menagerie of exotic looking birds with even more exotic sounding names.

And while there certainly are a great many spectacular honeycreepers on the Hawaiian Islands, if there is one prototypical Hawaiian honeycreeper it’s the Iiwi (ee-EE-vee). There could scarcely be a better representative of the family to give the full Bird of the Year treatment and fully welcome Hawaii into the ABA Area.

We’d also like to thank our 2018 Bird of the Year artist, H. Douglas Pratt, for this beautiful painting that will grace the cover of the February 2018 issue of Birding magazine.

Get more information on this bird at our Bird of the Year page, and look for an interview with Doug Pratt on the next episode of the American Birding Podcast and in the February issue of Birding.