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THE TOP 10: Most Awesome Bird Names in the World

Birds are indeed dynamic beasts, and certain species stand out by virtue of their intriguing names. And in some cases the names are more colorful than the birds themselves. What follows is a distinctly subjective take on the most awesome bird names of species from around the globe. Please let us know your favorites and [read more…]

THE TOP 10: ABA Area Birds to be Reincarnated As

We’ve all thought about it. When our day of reckoning comes to pass, let’s say we have the option of coming back as a species of bird… Which one would you choose? There are some pretty interesting makes and models to choose from. Below are a couple of choice options.

10. Turkey Vulture

One of [read more…]

ABA Blog: Top 10 Posts of 2012

As we draw ever closer to the end of 2012, many of us begin to reminisce on the year that was and look forward to 2013. Personally, I’m most looking forward to my annual tradition of staying up till midnight and counting down until my eBird year lists turn over to zero, but we all [read more…]

THE TOP 10: Cutest Birds in North America

Precisely what makes a bird “cute” is kind of hard to say. You don’t have to ask someone why puppies or kittens are cute. They just are undeniably cute. It is a fact we all accept. Their cuteness requires no explanation, and is not up for debate. Undeniably cute birds exist too, but some are [read more…]

THE TOP 10: Books Every Birder Should Have

Perhaps the only items we birders love as much as our binoculars are bird books. Happily, there is no shortage of titles. What follows is a suggested list of books that any birder would benefit from owning. Some titles and authors will be familiar, but others may have flown beneath the radar. Some are easy [read more…]

THE TOP 10: Best Colloquial Bird Names

10. Chukoloskee Chicken

White Ibis at Kiptopeke State Park, VA; May. (Photo by G. Armistead)

Also known as the Spanish Curlew, the White Ibis with its striking white plumage, pink legs, and pink sickle-bill has earned it a couple of colorful names.


9. 40 Quarts of Soup

Known in parts of its [read more…]