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The TOP 10: Craziest Vagrants of 2018

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The annual Top 10 Vagrants post has become one of our most popular, and most discussed, posts [read more…]

The TOP 10: World Cup Team Crests Featuring Birds

The World Cup, arguably the biggest sporting event in the world, kicks off this week in Russia. Unfortunately, ABA birders and soccer fans lack an obvious rooting interest as the United States missed out on the tournament for the first time in nearly 30 years and Canada’s sole qualification came in 1986. Fear not though, [read more…]

THE TOP 10: Craziest ABA Vagrants of 2017

It is time again for the annual Top 10 Vagrants post, which has become one of our most popular, and most discussed, posts on The ABA Blog every year. I, with help from my ABA colleagues, have looked back and assembled the following list of notable and unexpected birds that got twitchers across the continent [read more…]

The TOP 10: Best National Flags Featuring Birds

Who can deny the power of the bird as a national symbol? Certainly not the nations that make up the ABA Area. The United States has been associated with the Bald Eagle for as long as it has been a nation, and though the Common Loon has only officially been on Canadian currency since 1987, [read more…]

ICYMI: THE Top 10: Reasons to make Hawaii part of the ABA Area

Editor’s Note: The discussion regarding the addition of Hawaii to the ABA Area is ongoing, and we encourage ABA members to make their views known by filling out a proxy ballot answering this question. We hope you have also seen the August 2016 issue of Birding magazine. To continue that conversation, here’s a piece from [read more…]

The TOP 10: Craziest ABA Vagrants of 2015

By Nate Swick and George Armistead

For the last couple years the annual Top 10 Best Vagrants post has been one of our most popular on The ABA Blog. Well, we’re ready to bring it back for a third year and ignite the arguments for 2015’s crop of megas. We’ve looked back on the [read more…]

The Top 10 Reasons to join the ABA India Safari

In October of 2014, the ABA partnered with Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures to offer a new kind of event called the ABA South Africa Safari. That safari was such a resounding success we’re trying it again, but this time in India. Join us in February 2016 to search for Tigers, to behold the majestic Taj [read more…]

SNEAK PEEK! Birder’s Guide to Travel, 2015

I’ve just received word that the 2015 issue of Birder’s Guide to Travel is at the printers. American Birding Association members should find it in their mailboxes in the next couple weeks. But you don’t have to wait until then to see what’s inside. You can see the entirety of this issue of Birder’s Guide [read more…]

The TOP 10: Best ABA Area Vagrants of 2014

By Nate Swick and George Armistead

2013 was an incredible year for vagrants, particularly unexpected ones, and a hard year to top, but 2014 was no slouch itself. Now that 2014 is well in the rear view mirror, we’ve looked back on the year that was and assembled the following list of notable and unexpected [read more…]

THE TOP 10: Craziest ABA Area Vagrants of 2013

By George Armistead and Nate Swick

Every year has its share of doozies, but man, 2013 was a wild one for rarities and vagrant birds. After reflecting on the year that just passed, we’ve assembled the following list of the most mind-blowing birding surprises.

10. Invasions: Northern Lapwing & Snowy Owl

Who doesn’t love a [read more…]